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Company profile

Nanjing Biominda Biological Technology Co. Ltd. (Biominda Co. Ltd) is established in 2013, founded by Dr. Cheng Aiyang, a biotechnology expert who had studied and worked in universities and research institutes in US for 20+ years. Biominda Co. Ltd is also a company enrolled in the “321 talent entrepreneur” supporting project, which is sponsored by government of Jiangsu province in China. 

Biominda Co. Ltd is a company aimed to provide high-end diagnostic & treatment solution for animals in china. Biominda Co. Ltd. has built up a high standard third-party clinical reference lab for companion animals in Nanjing. It also has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, China and a research partner in silicon valley, US. Service of Biominda Co. Ltd. includes 6 categories and 200+ testing items as molecular biology detection for infection pathogens, pathological examination for tumor and skin disease, allergy screening test and genetic detection etc. All the test services are based on independent R&D protocols and follow guidelines from Laboratory Technical Committee of American Veterinary Medicine Association and ISO17025 standard. Dr. Cheng, founder and CEO of Biominda Co. Ltd., has two patent applications on allergen detection technique in china. 

Biominda clinical reference lab is the most long-lasting and famous veterinary lab and the only one which could practice canine allergy test in Mainland China. We have 500+ veterinary hospitals, 1000+ veterinary doctors around Yangzi economic area and Beijing, Tianjin, Sichuan, Shandong etc. as our customers, including famous chain-hospitals and KOLs. Our company's service philosophy is “precise, professional and prompt” and we have strong reputation on this.

Biominda Co. Ltd. is looking forward to cooperate with professional organizations and leading companies to improve the animal health and welfare together.

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