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At present, the rapid development of domestic animal husbandry, breeding scale is further expanded, the variety of animals is also more and more, although the large number of animal breeding users to bring greater economic benefits, but also there are some risks, especially by various factors, animals often have a variety of diseases, once the animals are not to be found, and to take timely and effective treatment measures, most likely to lead to animal death, and then to the economic benefits of breeding users have a very negative impact.
  There are four main methods f or the diagnosis of the disease.:
1、Epidemiological diagnosis, is through inquiry, access to medical history information and the scene to see, to obtain first-h and information, and then summarize and analyze the judgment, and make a preliminary conclusion on the disease of livestock and poultry。
2、Clinical diagnosis is based on the clinical performance of livestock and poultry disease to make a preliminary diagnosis。
3、The pathological diagnosis is to carry out the pathological changes of the dead animals, and to observe the pathological changes of the organs.。
4、Laboratory examination, is the use of equipment to detect the pathogen of the disease of livestock and poultry, or by molecular biological method directly detected in the blood of the pathogen, as a diagnostic basis。
The direct detection of the pathogen is the basis f or the direct diagnosis of the pathogen.。
  With the intensive development of breeding industry, the development of plant, animal diseases become more and more complex, not the typical cases and the distribution of epidemic cases, many diseases are difficult to make a correct diagnosis of the disease or the original experience. Traditional prevention and control mode can not meet the needs of animal epidemic prevention and control in the new period. It is necessary to use high-tech means to carry out the daily disease detection. 
  The company can according to customer dem and f or the application of advanced molecular biological detection method of swine, mink, cattle and sheep, such as a variety of farming animal were pathogenic and antibody detection。

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