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Recruitment description:

Nanjing Bomin of biological science and Technology Co., Ltd. is founded by returned overseas personnel a 321 talent entrepreneurial enterprises, dedicated to animal third-party diagnostic services. We adhere to independent research and development, the first in the country to launch a series of molecular diagnostics, allergy diagnosis and pathological diagnosis for the main body of high-end biotechnology services, recently we get the favor of venture capital, into the rapid development stage. Companies to develop and use the talent, and adhere to the internal selection of personnel, to provide the outstanding staff to provide space and incentives, we sincerely welcome to join us.
Please send your resume to hr@biominda.com, and indicate the position.


Position Human number Ground point Requirements
市场专员 1 北京或南京 More
区域销售 3 北京,天津,上海 More

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