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Pets do not speak, compared with people, pet sick after doctors often need to help the diagnosis, treatment. Some tests can be completed in the pet hospital, such as physical examination, routine laboratory tests, simple imaging examination, etc.. and some tests are carried out with the aid of relatively complex instruments. Each pet hospital is equipped with complex and expensive equipment, to carry out complex testing or imaging examination is not only expensive, but also because of the lack of special training of professional personnel to operate, the accuracy of the results is also very difficult to ensure. As a result of the foreign high-end pet disease detection is conducted through a professional third party reference laboratory.
Standard third party testing reference laboratory not only equipped with a variety of high-end testing equipment and equipment, as well as the professional training of the operat or and the standard operation process to ensure that the results are more accurate and reliable.
The company's technology and personnel strength, can provide a wide range of pet doctors third party clinical testing services. Testing equipment and advanced technology, accurate detection results, the report in a timely manner, will provide the most professional service f or the pet disease diagnosis and treatment.
Current testing items cover the pathogenic molecular biology diagnosis, allergen screening, pathology detection, genetic testing, and other maj or categories, the detection of nearly 100 kinds of projects. In addition to individual detection, f or the convenience of clinicians from the symptoms of pet, reduce the missed diagnosis rate, but also the introduction of routine physical examination, anemia, diarrhea and other combination packages. Future will continue to launch more testing services based on market demand.
We will provide assistance to your pet's diagnosis and treatment through efficient and professional services!
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